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H&H General Excavating Company Inc. is home to premium Country Boy soil products. We offer topsoil, potting soil, and hummus and cow manure for all your gardening and landscaping needs. Using our nutrient-rich soils can add many benefits to your landscapes like assisted seed germination, increased drainage, better aeration, reduction in soil compaction, and increased micro-organisms that are essential for plant growth. From lawns, gardens, flower pots, and fields, our soil products are the perfect solution for your commercial or residential lawn and plant growth. Get a soils estimate »

Price List


Topsoil 40lbs.
$1.75/bag or $105/pallet

Premium Potting Soil
$2.50/bag  (1 cu. ft. bag) or $135/pallet

Humus + Cow 40lbs.
$2.00/bag or $120.00/pallet


Screened Topsoil
Customer: $25.00/cubic yard
Landscaper: $20.00/cubic yard

Straight Topsoil
Customer: $18.00/cubic yard
Landscaper: $15.00/cubic yard

Bulk Garden Soil

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Delivery or Pickup

In order to best meet your needs and busy schedules, we conveniently offer pick up of our soil products at our facility or will deliver the products to your location.  


Bulk Pickup Recommendations
Topsoil: 8ft bed (regular size truck)  – 1 yds
Topsoil: 6ft bed (smaller size truck) – 1/2 yd


Small Dump Truck
Soil: Up to 6 yards max

Soil: 7 to 20 yards max

*Please call for pricing on delivery charge

*Full residential pallet delivery of soil is unavailable at this time.

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H&H General Excavating Company is a full-service general contractor founded in 1967. Beginning with a focus in excavating and sitework. We have grown in size and capabilities to provide services in commercial, industrial and residential paving and construction, as well as manufacturing and distribution of a wide variety of mulch and topsoil products.