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H&H General Excavating Company Inc. is a leader in blended soils and soil amendments. Our experienced staff develops and supplies customers with soil blends for restoration projects, structural planting, rooftop gardens, and many other applications. Our focus is on developing the best formula for your specific application and supplying your clients with a premium and effective soil product. Get a blended soils estimate »

Design Integration

Our staff can work with your company’s architects and designers to assure the correct product is formulated and specified at maximum cost efficiency. Not every application is the same, and understanding the design intent of the structure or landscape allow us to deliver the desired result with the highest accuracy and effectiveness. 
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Custom Blends

One of the greatest advantages of working with H&H is our ability to produce custom blended soil mixes. Whether you need a quick draining soil, a water absorbing product, or a slow releasing natural fertilizer, H&H Blended Soils are the perfect solution for a specific application of your next amended soil project. Get a blended soils estimate »

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Delivery or Pickup

In order to best meet your needs and project schedules, we conveniently offer pick up of our blended soil products at our facility or will deliver the products to your project location.

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H&H General Excavating Company is a full-service general contractor founded in 1967. Beginning with a focus in excavating and sitework. We have grown in size and capabilities to provide services in commercial, industrial and residential paving, construction, mechanical repair services, as well as manufacturing and distribution of a wide variety of mulch and topsoil products.