Increase Your Home’s Beauty and Value

H & H General Excavating is home of Country Boy Mulch & Soil Products. Whether you’re a home gardener, professional grower, garden center or landscape contractor, our premium Country Boy hardwood mulches are perfect for giving your landscapes a finished look and feel while adding functionality and value. From moisture control, temperature regulation, and weed blocking, our premium mulch products have the benefits that keep your home or business functional and beautiful. Get a mulch estimate »

Mulch for Everyone

We have mulch products for every situation:

  • bagged much for home gardeners
  • bulk truckloads for landscape contractors and professional growers
  • tractor-trailer loads for wholesalers and garden centers

Mulch Benefits

Our mulch products have many benefits:

  • naturally prevents weeds by blocking their growth and their access to sunlight
  • controls moisture to help reduce water use
  • creates an insulating layer that regulates soil temperature from cold and hot spells
  • adds value to your home or business and beautifies the landscapes

Price List




Hardwood Mulch, 3 cf

$3.00/bag or $132.00/pallet

Hardwood Mulch, 2 cf
$2.50/bag or $170.00/pallet

Colored Hardwood Mulch, 2 cf
$2.75/bag or $187.00/pallet


Hardwood Double Ground Mulch
Customer: $25.00/cubic yard
Landscaper: $20.00/cubic yard

Colored Mulch (Black, Brown or Red)
Customer: $27.00/cubic yard
Landscaper: $22.00/cubic yard

Customer Pricing = 1-9 yards
Landscaper Pricing = 10-25 yards

Calculate Amount:
Take Depth (in inches) ÷ by 12 x Length (ft) x Width (ft) ÷ 27 = Total Yards Needed
(1 yard covers a 10 x 10 area 3 inches deep)

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Delivery or Pickup

In order to best meet your needs and busy schedules, we conveniently offer pick up of our mulch products at our facility or will deliver the products to your location.


Minimum quantities for pickup at plant:
Five (5) bags of mulch
One (1) cubic yard of bulk mulch

Bulk Pickup Recommendations
Mulch: 8ft bed (regular size truck)  – 2 yds
Mulch: 6ft bed (smaller size truck) – 1 yd


Small Dump Truck
Up to 7 yards max

8 to 25 yards max

We accept natural wood products for recycling!

You may bring in all natural wood products to our plant seven days a week during daylight hours only. Follow the paved road around the right side of the building to the top of the hill and follow the signs.

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H&H General Excavating Company is a full-service general contractor founded in 1967. Beginning with a focus in excavating and sitework. We have grown in size and capabilities to provide services in commercial, industrial and residential paving and construction, as well as manufacturing and distribution of a wide variety of mulch and topsoil products.